I’m finally ready to share with you the fruits of my work… you are just soOoOo lucky :D.

Name: ManicTubes (not married to it)
Ideas behind it:

  • vehicle race inside 3D tracks… vehicles aren’t stuck to the ground… they happily drive upside down inside tubes for example
  • tracks are made of procedural tubes and 3D models made in Blender and so on
  • comes with an editor allowing players to create their own tracks, using their own textures/models/sounds/and in the pipe, shaders, animations, vehicles and more
  • player made maps can be distributed
  • multiplayer (the network code is awful currently) - NPC vehicles (not really started on that yet either)
  • lots of different modes of play
  • can use keyboard, joysticks, wheel, pedals, whatever to drive the vehicles by setting the controls via the game
  • allows driving vehicles controlled by car/hover/plane controls. Can make different type for each of those, with different looks, camera positions and coming, sounds.

What I’m aiming for is:

  • the goofiness of Ignition
  • the campaign mode and vehicle boosting of Super Cars 2… the buying of vehicle upgrades with money accumulated during the campaign
  • Space Invades & other Atari console games amount of play modes : games used to come with plenty play variations… nowadays, you happy if you get a difficulty level.

Made using the fantastics:

  • JME
  • ToneGodGUI

Thank you to the developers of those for how easy they are to use while remaining very powerful, and for great support.
Thanks to the contributors of those and to the people who answered my questions… really helped :).
And thanks to the people asking questions… all those threads are packed with valuable information.

I’m still a loooong way from my objectives… and not being the sharpest knife in the drawer is not helping :D.

Anywhay, here are 2 little videos of the editor in action:

All graphics are really just placeholders, and in the video, I out/under stretch textures everywhere, due to wanting time constraints;
Colors stink… I’m colorblind and since I repaired my screen, it’s colors are awfully off… so I don’t really know how the colors output in the real world ^^;
In the vids, there is a kind of z-fighting glitch at one spot and 2 small holes in the track, all due to me making errors while building the track while recording.


Thats looking pretty great already, nice work :slight_smile:

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Thanks normen, very encouraging :). And thx for all those questions you answered. Helped a lot.

Hey cool, never played Super cars 2, but it reminds me of this:
[video]Ballistics Gameplay Video - YouTube
(Did I ever say that I love overspeeded racing games^^)

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This is really cool looking.

I have delusions of Wipeout XL game play running through my head (I looooooved that game)

Can’t wait to play this!

+5 for wheel and joystick support!!

Mind is spinning on how you handle gravity for multiple cars when things can drive upside down =)

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Thanks Empire Phoenix. O.o I didn’t know of that game.
I finally, being dragged kicking and screaming, ended saving maps as json files as you said… but not before spending twice that time trying to do it by using sandboxing XD.

Thanks t0neg0d, and thx for the great lib and support. I didn’t know of that game either haha.
Gravity is per vehicle so works fine in multiplayer already. Weapons will probably fix their gravity at activation depending on the source vehicle.

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Just poppin-in to show a lil video of my lil game in it’s current form.


  • no limitations on the player’s car speed (easier)… will limit it again later on
  • ai is very limited… it doesn’t see other cars yet so just bumps into them
  • switching gravity allows for “flying” through curbs… later on, doing that will recharge some perk or repair vehicle, no idea yet… quite fun mechanic
  • The circuit is a simple loop… really doesn’t represent what can be built yet
  • supports different cars… can’t show until I work on new models

I Show at the end of the video the vehicle editor that is functional (in editor mode) apart from the fact that it doesn’t allow yet for swapping in-game models for testing… but it will soon.

Coming SOON TM:

  • adding animations and movements to some parts of the circuit (editable via the circuit editor)
  • having the cars positional and so on light light up when they should (via shader)
  • adding perks such as speed boosts, repair, stability and missiles, oil etc
  • finishing the 2 first play mode: simple race against other cars and racing against oneself (with ghost car of best lap)
  • adding multiplayer (same computer) via another viewport
  • working on the driving of the cars… gears and so on and a throttle visual widget

Now supports multiple players on same computer (using viewports).

Small video showing 4 players:

Since 3 of the profiles have the same keys, they react to the same inputs.

Simple speed map, using a simple diffuse texture. Will add a glow map see if it makes for more interesting visuals.

Aaaand couldn’t drive correctly due to recording the vid :.