Mapping different textures to different faces of a cube and tiling

Is there any simple way to map different textures to different sides of a cuboid? I can’t just use a model, because the height of the cuboid changes. I’d like to be able to specify a sub texture out of a larger texture if possible, so that the texture I have changes with the height of my tile. I don’t think a sprite sheet would be sufficient in this case (if JME even supports them).

  1. How can I do the texture mapping in the program itself, rather than in a texture?
  2. Can I define the texture as a sub texture of a larger one?

Look up, voxels, texture atlas and custom meshes.

Meshes look like exactly what I need. I had originally been attempting to do this with OpenGL, but for my purposes, it seemed like reinventing the wheel to make something that JME did better anyway.

It seems like it’s more difficult than it should be, but oh well.

Just use a 3d model editor? If you intend to do it programmatically its best to be able to do it… programmatically, isn’t it? :wink: