Marching Cube Project with Falling Terrain

I have been looking at all the marching cube demos and threads I can find on the internet. What I am looking for for my project is a terrain system that is what marching cubes offer, but part of it is missing.

What those terrain systems lack is the code to check overhangs and floating pices for breaking off or falling to the ground. While volumetric terrin is nice and dandy, having floating pieces of the landscape is very problematic to say the least.

What I am looking for is if anyone has had success in a marching cubes terrain system where it does just what I am looking for. Perhaps we can start a team to work on a project the community can use.

Of course, I haven’t read everything, no one can. So please, if I missed an article or thread that does just that, please let me know. I haven’t written any code yet because I have yet to find anything close to what I am looking for in any language or game engine.

check out destruction system in ‘7 days to die’ game