Marquee or smth. like a news ticker

hey there!

i need a horizontally scrolling text at the bottom of my screen that shows a text that the user can change in a config file. should look smth like a news ticker. is there anything that is already done? otherwise, how can i achieve this? i searched the forum for "scrolling text", "running text" and "ticker" and didn't find anything.

i appreciate any help!



You could implement it yourself by using Text and updating the translation of it

I could make one  :D… lemme try

Edit: Arrggghhh… I can't finish…

at least I got some of it working…

I'll try to finish soon


wow … thank you very much skyuzo! … i will post back when i am done tweaking it  :wink:



Or just try using this:




Ok I mostly fixed it… it only becomes messed up for one cycle… of course you can fix it  :wink:

I'm really tired… so expect some other bugs.

links dead

darkfrog said:

Or just try using this:




I saw this thread and read its title as:

Marquee or Smith.

"Like a News Ticker"

And I thought to myself, why is someone asking questions about an olde timey newsagent?

I mean would it really have been much more effort to type something out in full?  :stuck_out_tongue:

hey there,

i have no idea how to include my own fonts and adjust the size of the font … any help?

Mod: Dont bother … found a nice freeware tool at LMNOpc » Bitmap Font Builder

its just important to choose the NeHe-Format for the font to work with jME.

i will just create a .tga file for each combination of font, size and color i need (not that many  ;))