Marvelous Marbles

I promised to write something about Marvelous Marbles. So here is a quick summary:

Marvelous Marbles is a marble run maker (simulator?):

After watching marble run videos on Youtube while brushing my son’s teeth, I was struck by how few computer rendered videos there were. The project started out as an experiment to see whether it would be possible to make a marble run in the SDK (the answer is “Yes, sort of”.). I then decided to try Blender and made some pieces. It worked quite well. The most limiting factor I found was snapping. Simple grid snapping didn’t do it. So, of course there was only one thing I could do. Make an editor myself.

In addition to being cross-platform, it now also has VR support.

Shameless marketing:

Marvelous Marbles

Some community acknowledgements:

For basic project setup, I use: GitHub - Monkey-Droid/Cross-platform-template: A cross-platform template game for jMonkeyEngine providing compatibility for both desktop and android environments.
In addition I have a separate ‘assets’ project, linked to an ant project due to the “matdef issue” (Resolved: Improve ProjectAssetManager's Gradle support by peedeeboy · Pull Request #448 · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub).

The project wouldn’t have been possible without Bullet, and I quickly switched to GitHub - stephengold/Minie: Integrate Bullet Physics and V-HACD into jMonkeyEngine projects. (code has New BSD license)

Additional VR functionality comes from GitHub - oneMillionWorlds/Tamarin: A VR utilities library for JMonkeyEngine

I use a batch exporter from Blender, and then a bash script using GitHub - Simsilica/JmeConvert: A command line utility for converting models to J3O and copying their dependencies to a new target structure. to convert all the assets in one go.

Although there aren’t many effects yet, I decided to go with GitHub - Jeddic/particlemonkey: A particle Emitter library for jME (I may have a PR for some things)

For Steam integration, GitHub - code-disaster/steamworks4j: A thin Java wrapper to access the Steamworks API

I’m using my own Macaq Script · GitHub for scripted things

I also decided to roll my own UI library. Whether good or bad, I’m not sure, but I like the control.

Thank you, all. I hope I didn’t forget anyone.




This sounds great. Let us know when it’s released!

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New video on Youtube:

And TikTok!

I’m in the process of polishing the editor experience, added undo functionality. There’s no better way to find bugs than to actually try to make something real :slight_smile:


Amen to that.

It’s one of the reasons I tell new devs that until they’ve finished a project that they don’t know what it takes to finish a project. Always more to do than you think there will be… even given knowing that already.


Well, there’s one thing that’s even better, and that is letting other people use your software.
I could use some help with testing this on various systems. Especially some Mac or VR users.
Please PM me if you’re interested.


The game has been released!

Special thanks to @richtea and @peedeeboy for testing.

The last couple of weeks have been quite grueling and I’m currently trying to muster up some energy to do proper marketing. :sleepy:


Congratulations on the release! I’ve already begun spreading the URL around…