Material, ust_baseColor not found by asset manager

I’m trying to create my material using the sdk tool, but I get this error when I add the various maps (AlphaMap, NormalMap, etc…)

once the material has been applied, it appears white

AssetNotFoundException is the exception thrown when the asset is not found.

So ust_BaseColor.jpg is not an asset to your asset manager (ie: not on the classpath, etc.). Perhaps it is in a subdirectory?

We can only guess.

Actually I don’t know what that file is, I just created the new material file and tried to add the maps

well the problem exist on your side.

The file is missing like error say, or maybe you got bad permissions to that file or anything else.

Like Paul said, we can only guess. We cant debug your code(material code in this case) without your code.

In SDK there is preview switch into Text mode where you can see material code. Anyway error is directly related to some of your file that is no loading.

It’s not a code, I’m using the sdk’s j3m file editor

Better show some code, or better yet, a video… Easier to get a grasp what is going on.

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Problem in the video


Hi Amedeo,
just for clarity (the title of the topic can be misleading) ust_BaseColor is the final part of the name of the texture file you have selected → “GWC Cast Iron Minor Rust_BaseColor.jpg”. Maybe it’s a bug in the SDK, I don’t know. Anyway try renaming the file removing the spaces and see if it works.

Humm. Looks like a parsing issue. Likely related to how it parses “repeat” (it’s stored in the string). Removing or replacing the spaces is most likely a work around until it can be looked into.

Edit: Yes, a parsing issue in the latest version. I’ll try to fix soon.


thank you!!!