Materials... dun dun duuuun


I have a couple questions about materials that I am hoping someone can clear up for me.

Using: com.jme3.material.Material

  1. I see the ability to add a normal map… but don’t see an associated color/light. ??
  2. Is there a full list list of attributes somewhere?

    Using: .material files:

  3. I have been through… and I do understand that not all features are supported… but, is there a list of supported attributes/features somewhere?

    And finally…

  4. Is there an article somewhere that explain these two attribute/feature lists and how they correlate?

    Thanks in advance!

See the Lighting.j3md file for a full explanation of all attributes.

Also check those tutorials:

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The video was exactly what I was looking for. Can this same method be applied to individual meshes in an ogre scene? My guess is yes… I just haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet.

Thanks for the quick response!