Materials in SceneComposer (v3.2)

How do I get j3o models (converted from GLTF) added or linked to a j3o scene to have any material besides gray in SceneComposer?

  • If you open the j3o model just by itself without linking it to the scene is it gray? Or does it become gray when you link it to the scene?
  • Were your models exported from Blender?

Yes, the model is gray even when not linked to a scene.
The model was exported from Blender.

My brother and I work together and he does the blender stuff while I fumble around in jmonkey haha.

He exports as gLTF 2.0
if that’s not working what is your process for coloring the model?

If you color the model properly in Blender, export as gltf, then import that into JME… then it will have color in JME.