(May 2015) Montly WIP screenshot thread

@aegroto: Looks pretty cool, what type of game are you working on there?

With my turn based strategy Carpe Diem I’m currently working on a music player, pictured above, so rather than include some royalty free music the player can just listen to their own music in MP3 or Ogg format.

I still have plenty to do with this, but eventually I plan on making it so that you can create and manage your own playlists. Pictured here is the player window, which only houses the file browser button right now, and a file browser where the player can browse their entire hard drive for music and then load it into a playlist or directly into the play queue.

The file browser doesn’t have an icon for the taskbar yet, but will soon enough, keep forgetting to whip one up. The browser features forward and back buttons alongside the traditional parent directory button for navigating through the browsing history. Navigate to a folder via double click, select a folder/file with a single click or select multiples with shift/ctrl click.

I had to make my own NiftyGUI control for this because I didn’t really care for the default ListBox control. This custom control is a little more versatile in that it doesn’t require a statically defined number of visible rows, the window can be resized and list items are added and removed on the fly as they enter and leave the visible area.

The music player will be accessible throughout the game, even while loading. The player window itself is also resizeable.

I’ll probably make this custom list control available for download on my website when it’s polished and I find time to add some comments and such.

P.S. I happened to note, while working on this, that apparently NiftyGUI label controls don’t display strings that start with the $ sign. A few folders on my HD start with that, namely the Windows Recycle Bin folder, $Recycle.Bin, and it wouldn’t display the folder name unless I removed the $ sign.