(May 2019) Monthly WIP & Screenshot Thread

Hey. This is my finished game using JME. I was told to post it here. What do you think?


That looks pretty good, especially for a mobile game! Will give it a try.

EDIT: Wow, 300MB?

Great job @chainano
A few questions :

  • Which material definition are you using? Lighting.j3md?
  • For shadow, are you using JME’s shadow renderer? shadow filter? or baked shadow?
  • What filters are you using?

@grizeldi Thanks a lot, and sorry about the size. I tried to optimize my assets as much as I could. The textures atlases were surprisingly big.

@Ali_RS Thanks a lot.

  • I only used Unshaded.j3md for this game - most of the scene lighting was actually baked into the texture atlases.
  • For the other shadows that weren’t baked into the colormaps/atlases - i.e shadows that needed to move with their objects - I positioned a plane, dedicated for rendering shadows, right under the object that needed the shadow (or parallel to the plane it was resting on) parented to the object, then baked a shadow onto it using AO.
  • I didn’t use any filters. Apparently they are costly on mobile. The CCTV monitor effect is just an image overlay.

More progress on soft-body physics:


Very nice.
The flag in your video remembered me of a demo I made long ago for a baked soft body. :slightly_smiling_face:


yes, the flag is really cool :slight_smile: i want it in game! but also would like use default JME code, so will wait because got too much work anyway(i understand it will take time, you also make a game i hear, curious what it will be)


My closed-souce WIP is a strategy game I started back in 2013. (I’ll post a screenshot someday.) It uses Minie, but as far as I know it won’t need soft-body physics.

I’m working on soft-body physics because I think it’s cool and I hate to see Dokthar’s work languishing in a private fork, untouched since 2016. I hope people here will dream up uses for it and those uses will motivate them to use Minie.

As long as JME supports both jme3-bullet and jme3-jbullet (and tries to maintain compatibility between them) I doubt soft-body physics will ever be part of default JME.


i hate that jBullet block a lot of features ;p

also hate feeling like something will change in JME so Minie will be uncompatible, and you will have no time for fixes.(because life is life, noone knows)

That is the only think why i would prefer see Minie features in JME.

Have you thought to make some JME package jme3-bullet-extended that require jme3-bullet package and will just not work with jme-jBullet?

because it already is same about

  • android packages

or just about

  • “cant use both jBullet and bullet”
  • and maybe even more dependencies.

why not next point like:

  • dont use jme3-bullet-extended(or jme3-bullet-minie) with jme-jBullet

i would love to see it just as JME package so further JME development would not change things to broke it in future.

Your work is awesome, so i will use it for sure, but have this dillema since start. Anyway for now got too much work to do, so i hope in meantime maybe you will create some JME integration.


What’s stopping us putting jbullet in stasis? If the recommended library is now native-bullet - why continue development of the java one? I ask out of intrigue.


Been asking this myself every single time my sdk build process broke due to jbullet (which was like, a lot).

I’ve created a separate Forum topic for discussing jme3-bullet versus jme3-jbullet:
Native Bullet versus JBullet


My last update this month :smiley:
Added dead and destruction including some simple explosioin effects. It’s a lot of fun to play with all these game feeling stuff. I got a lot of ideas from Jan Willem Nijman ( “The art of screenshake”) but also from the game Mugsters which has very powerful looking explosions.

My explosion starts to look and feel nice, but I have to play with the direct impact radius (should have a larger horizontal impact) and I probably have to take in account the speed/mass of the fragments, else it might look a bit silly if an opponent dies because of a slow approaching fragment :sweat_smile:


i really dont know why, but somehow it remind me old liero game :smiley:

its not even similar, so i dont know why ;p

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Did know that game :slight_smile: Btw. the bomb launch idea I took from the very old H.E.R.O. game where you had pull down and press the fire button (in my case you only have to pull down).

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Liero! Finland mentioned! Torilla tavataan!

Liero is kinda still alive http://www.openlierox.net/.