(May 2020) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Time is flying fast, nearing half way through 2020 already :thinking:
Hmm…Well lets that aside let’s see some pics!

Everyone has seen this track before in horsepower racing, but this time I have an aerial view of the track and surrounding terrain. Also, this track is FINALLY almost finished, so now I’m turning my work to a new track, but I’ve only just started on one, so maybe someone could give me some ideas regarding a theme?

And want to share some info about project:

  1. Because of the hard work put into the assets especially, but into the code as well. I’m keeping the game closed source. And I don’t think I’ll really change that either :confused:

  2. This game started with jME 3.2.0, and I’ve only been able to upgrade to 3.2.4 (doesn’t seem to work with 3.3). Newer jME powered projects I have use 3.3 of course.

I know you are waiting, what is one of these new projects?
Well I’m also working on a shooter game called “Armageddon”. Again, I’m still coming up with ideas as far as themes.
But I do have a few models already for weapons

And that wraps up my work, let’s see what everyone else has got!



  • EditorCamera (Unity/UE4 style camera movement)
  • Model Importer (import GLTF models with JMEC)
  • SceneTools (Scene Tree Viewer, Transform tools, etc…)
  • PropertyInspector (Lets you view and change properties).

depend = required.
softDepend = not required but used if available.

  • Model importer depends on EditorCamera to move around.
  • SceneTools softDepends on PropertyInspector. If found it adds a “Inspect…” button to the scene tree.
  • PropertyInspector softDepends on SceneTools. If found will display properties of the selected TreeItem.

All pretty cool and working well.


looks really nice and customizable :slight_smile:

what progress it is? (average in percent)

I had to spend a couple of days learning gradle to figure out how to deal with some issues of plugins not bloating in size carrying around dependencies they don’t need - but not forcing that learning curve onto the end-user. I also had to figure out the best way to provide javadoc and sources for the API. I wanted to provide a single dependency that merged all of the sources and javadoc, but that seemed like I was working against the grain - so now you just depend on each module you want to use - a lot like JME. So the API is still changing nearly every other day - it’s still volatile, but slowing down. I think I’m over those parts now.

I’ve added events so you can broadcast an event from one plugin and subscribe to it from another. That’s what the SceneTools / PropertyInspector plugins do. The Scene Tree broadcasts a TreeElemenChanged event, and the PropertyInspector plugin picks it up and changes its content to the selected element.

Right now I’m doing boring work, creating components for each type (vector3f, string, etc…) so you can edit them. I still have to write the docs, but I’m not overly concerned about that.

Slash commands still need adding. Again, not overly concerned about the work, it’s just time. I think I’ll probably just fine-tune it from there (viewport frustum settings, etc…).

It’s a never-ending project, but I’m still on track for 4-6 weeks from now.

Percentage-wise? Pfff… Erm… 60-70% maybe? Something like that.

The Gradle Plugin is already on github, so the code is slowly trickling into circulation…



I created a simple BlocksBuilder application to build models using Blocks.

I used all afternoon to build this castle, it turned out a lot bigger then anticipated :slight_smile:

I got the inspiration from Block-Ed by @pspeed (the interface is quite similar and sky is done with SimFX).


Looks awesome, the lemur GUI impresses me almost as much as the buildings themselves. :wink:

I haven’t yet laid out all my plans for the different tracks in HP, but if I choose to do a voxel style map, I’ll surely try Blocks!

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Thanks! I was once again impressed by the ease of use and professional quality of the Lemur API.
The panel showing the blocks with an on-keypress filter was a breeze to build. There is no default component for it, but with the cellgrid, slider, textfield and a focuslistener it was build in no time.

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Yes, Lemur is by far the best GUI toolkit out there. Once again it shows how amazing you are @pspeed :wink:

Remy, it looks great, very well done man :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hahah… I was going to say that it looks very familiar. :slight_smile:

I even checked to see if you were one of the patreon committers that has access to BlockEd source (which would have been totally fine, too).

Nice job.

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Testing character pathfinding & physics

Character rotation on waypoints is not smoothed out yet and no animation is applied to character.


What are you using for pathfinding, your own code or something else?

What happens when you click inside the non-navigable fenced in area?

What happens when you click while already traveling along the path?

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I am using

a java port available here

It won’t find a path from outside to inside (and vice versa) if the area is closed. You can already see it at the time 1:32 from video

I have set it to cancel the current path and follow the new path.


Note Daedalus-lib just does the pathfinding job not the movement. The movement is done by physics and steer behaviors (Pathfollow steer behavior).


I see now. Shouldn’t you just move to the nearest poly instead? Having a dead mouse click would suck in an emergency. Assuming there is combat in the game.

Ill look it up, haven’t heard of that one. Thanks.

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Hmm, yeah, sounds good idea. Will see if it is possible to do. Thanks

Please feel free to let me know if you are interested to use it, I can share my code if you want.

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Hi long time no see,

I took an old idea and give it a refresh.
It is jmonkeyapp that can be attached to any PID and let you visualize in 3D the latest stack trace. A sphere is an individual method…and if the sphere is bigger it means that the method is called more frequently.
Also the vector length informs if you are seeing the same thread number.

Only Windows for now, and this is not an actual program running, I was just testing it with generated random stack information…

ps: sorry about the video quality

JarBees Test



Love the ‘toony’ style of your game. It’s really nice!
I’m curious to see what it will turn in to. What genre/type of game will it be?

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Multiplayer RPG. :sweat_smile:
I have got the idea for the game from a historical Korean Drama :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super early screenshot - or more of a proof-of-concept - of a live Lemur Theme Creator / Editor. You change a setting, you see the change immediately. The settings are stored in JSON format. I haven’t implemented background images, but since you can Base64 an image - I could probably get away with storing an entire theme in a single JSON file - and thus sharing would be really simple.

It would be a really cool way to get some nice themes going.