(May 2024) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

I’ve implemented the crouch mechanic. I accomplished this by having 2 character controls. One standing (tall capsule) and one crouching (short capsule). Then enabling and disabling them. The swap is not visible. The tall beige capsule and the short beige capsule are TWO different capsules.

The yellow capsule is a ghost control. Unfortunately it only registers convex shapes. So it captures a touch anywhere in the mesh of the level. In order to collide with the ceiling I’m going to have to place cubes through out the level when the player is not supposed to un-crouch.

If anyone could tell me a work-around for the ghost control to not trigger when inside (but not touching) a static RigidControl that would be nice.

Resolved the issue by colliding the floor geometry with a sphere (bounding sphere) on top of the player.
Collision and Intersection
Thanks anyways!


Hi all.

If any of you have an android phone, I would appreciate if you can test my game I just released. This is a very simple game but it is my first game made with my editor. I am trying out the android export capability. Here is the link:

A review would also be great. Thanks.


Worked well for me. I tested on a
Galaxy S21 FE
Android 14

Is it worth seperating out testing from the WIP thread though? Might get a bit noisy


Works on a pixel 6 pro

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Works well also on my Samsung S22.
Sometimes a spider leaves rapidly the screen by going left or right, making it difficult to squash.
Is that intended ?

It crashes on my device - BlackView9500 Android 8.1.0

Thanks, I will check the crash reports.

I hope you will see a crash report. It just crashed without displaying the send report dialog…

@Pixelapp This method could be a good alternative BetterCharacterControl.setDucked(boolean b)

public void onAction(String name, boolean isPressed, float tpf) {
    if (name.equals(KeyMapping.TOGGLE_CROUCH) && isPressed) {
        bcc.setDucked( !bcc.isDucked() );
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Whoops. I was using CharacterControl instead of BetterCharacter control.

I’ll upgrade eventually. I’ll use my fix as a learning lesson anyways. It’s good to learn too.

I’ll definitely use your answer in the future.

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I tried to run it on a samsung galaxys s9, but it crashes anytime i try to start the app:

Thanks for the feedback. I still haven’t figured out why, however on my son’s phone is crashes as well, so I will debug on it.

Thanks for all the feedback for my game. I have found the bug and Smashed IT.


Hi @throwaway_31043913 I think you may have posted this in the wrong place. This is the thread for screenshots of current work in progress.

Currently working on realtime bitmap font support.

It’s a rewrite of gdx-freetype. The goal is make it working with jme3.

It should allow me have the ability to create BitmapFont with *.ttf *.ttc *.otc font file, to show chinese characters with out a pre-build *.fnt file.

and emoji.

and support sdf shader.


Good job @yan . I am very interested in this.

In my imagination, it should have the ability to use font fallback feature like fontconfig, thus means you can draw english characters with Times New Roman, and chinese characters with Noto Serif CJK, and emoji with Apple Color Emoji (or something you like).

Maybe we can have a font.config that can define the font-family like css.

render-type: sdf;  // sdf, msdf, bitmap
font-color: #ffffff;
font-size: 32px;
font-family: Arial, Noto serif CJK, Apple Color Emoji, sans-serif;
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Crouch ability added

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trying to make an font editor, to save/load/preview font presets.


Shooting zombies.