MD2 Animation issues

I have been trying to use an md2.  I have managed to load it (based up the MD2Test).

I am having some issues trying to animate it though.  When I use the KeyFrameController to animate it (for example the run cycle).  It just seems to jump back to beginning of the sequence.  I have tried using the different modes like WRAP or CYCLE but they don't seem to make any difference. 

Has anyone got any ideas how to get the run cycle to work smoothly?  I believe that a change was mde in the past to allow md2's to smoothly animate but this seems to have been removed. (

I know md2's are very old these days but there is at least some free models available in this format. 



sorry for bumping.  It's just that for us poor hobby developers md2/md3 still seem to tbe the only model formats readily avalable to play with, even though they are so old these days.  I guess that modern formats like COLLADA and md5 are just too complicated for hobby modders to make content for.

Ah well.


Reiker said:

I guess that modern formats like COLLADA and md5 are just too complicated for hobby modders to make content for.

Wouldn't you still be using the same modelling tools to create md2 or COLLADA files as they are just the exported format?

Basically what I'm saying is, if you can get hold of free md2 models can't you just convert them to COLLADA yourself using Blender or something?

Yes I did just answer your question with not one, but two questions  :P

I could try doing that, would I still have the problem of trying to get a smooth loop on the animations though?



No idea  :stuck_out_tongue:

But as you say the md2 stuff is old whereas COLLADA is brand spanking new.  So it's much more likely to be updated and it'll be easier to get help or specfic bug fixes in place.

Also if you're messing about converting the model in Blender you'll be able to check the animation to be sure it really is just jME fooking it up.


any idea how easy it is to import/export in blender?  I really only know the every basics of blender.

None at all  :lol:

I'd assume it was as simple as importing the model then exporting as desired format via some simple wizards.

You'll probably have to find a plugin that will load md2, and no doubt you'll have to do some kind of fix to the model once it's imported to get it to export properly  :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone else will surely know…