md5 importer -> missing files for Test


i have been evaluating the MonkeyEngine for a few days and have a question concerning the md5 importer/connection.

If i understood correctly the Quake Format md5 is the best and most effective way to integrate Bone Animation into the MonkeyEngine.

The Thread

gave a code fragment of an example how to import these mesh and animation files. Everything seems to work fine (Eclipse didn't come up with any Sytax Error

after including the md5 API Files). The problem now is that the mesh and animation files are missing. I have been looking google and this forum up and down for these File:

private static final String BODYMODEL = "models/md5/chars/marine.md5mesh";

private static final String HEADMODEL = "models/md5/heads/sarge/sarge.md5mesh";

private static final String HEADANIM = "models/md5/heads/sarge/sargeidle.md5anim";

private static final String BODYANIM = "models/md5/chars/stand_point_forward.md5anim";

…without any luck.

Can anybody help me with these files, or even upload them and post a link?

Thanks for help,




it would be fine if anyone could post a link to a working md5mesh and a md5anim.

It doesn't have to be the original files from Quake,…the only thing i need are md5 files to test the sourceCode.

I'm sure some of you have done tests with md5 inside monkey engine.

Please post some files,thanks.


Examples are available in the CVS of MD5 Reader 2 at

there are instructions for getting the code from Sourceforge here

And remember that there a ton of md5 models in Doom3 and Quake4 games (but don't know what kind of legal issues there may arise in using them).

if u r using MD5Importer, please go to

and check out the svn from there, there r examples and sample models animations there.

i just found out this post is from 2007… y did u pump this old thing up?