Merging multiple Meshes to calculate NavMesh

Hey Guys,
Basically it’s simple: I need one huge Mesh containing the “whole” Scenegraph for Nav-Meshing as one Mesh.

I thought about traversing the Scenegraph and simply combining the Buffers but then the multiple Meshes wouldn’t have their vertices connected.

Is the GeometryBatchFactory the right way to go or does it also leave those spaces unconnected? If so I think I have a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!

Afaik we have a plugin for nav meshes. I beleive it generate a pseudo mesh.
@normen may know how to use it.

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You are right!
Actually I already know the Thread but it only has the Detour (Walking) Part. You need the CAI-nmgen library and adopt the code from the SDK.

(I had the code fragment and didn’t know where I took it, now I remember, it’s the Nav-Mesh-SDK-Plugin here. And that’s what happens: The GeometryBatchFactory has a mergeGeometries)

So for everyone curious into how to build your navmesh, check out @normen’s great Plugin, you literally only need copy&paste :slight_smile: