Merging PRs and continuing for jme-jfx-11

Before Jayfella decided to stop maintaining his JME repos I was trying to get a PR merged for jme-jfx-11 to add support for Drop downs (aka combo boxes).

In the new world who is owning these orphaned projects?

If the answer is “no one”, can I help with jme-jfx-11?


i dont know if someone continue work over it. But seems like @tlf30 would have something to say here since i see he had commits there.

myself i only forked repo, to just help avoid its deletion:

GitHub - oxplay2/jme-jfx-11: A JavaFX 11 bridge to create a 2D GUI in jMonkeyEngine (its 19 commits ahead, next one have 18, so i suppose it have all)

there is also starter template repo:

so if tlf30 do not have own continued version, i belive you might create own one to continue work.

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Yes, at this point my branch has greatly diverged from jayfellas. I have combined the jme in jfx and jfx in jme into one project that allows jfx in jme in jfx if so desired. I have also patched several issues.

I have also started working on a skinning solution that is applied through dynamic css that redirects the popup window calls onto a gui layer so that popups, combo boxes, color pickers and context menus work, but it is not yet complete.

@richtea I have not yet looked at your branch to see your solution for drop downs, I will do that when I get home in a week and a half.

I do not mind owning the jfx project if no one else wants to. I have a list of bugs for it as well that I am going to patch, high on my list is to get cursor support working again. My branch also supports up to jfx 15 (and possibly 16).

I am currently at work in the artic circle with my very fast 128kbs internet connection, so it is not easy for me to work on code up here. I will be able to post my branch on github when I get home. I do check the hub every night, so if you have questions I may be able to help.


Yours sounds quite a lot more advanced than mine. Mine is a drop in replacement for ComboBox that has the core functionality (but isn’t completely feature equivalent) and works in a JME friendly way. Sounds like yours is a general fix that makes all JavaFx things that use a floating window work which is obviously better.

In any case I’m not in a rush, as I have a reflection based ComboBoxJME; works but is of course fragile

Also; Arctic circle!? That’s awesome!

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Perhaps cold is more appropriate than awesome. :smile: I work up here two weeks at a time, and in the winter the awesomeness is replaced by absolutely miserable cold. Summers are nice though. Right now it is mostly dark all day, just a bit of light, no sun though.