MigLayout integration


I’m new to jme3 and Lemur. Today I try to integrate MigLayout with Lemur.
Can someone experimented with Lemur’layout can review my code (CC0) at https://github.com/davidB/jme3_skel/tree/master/src/main/java/lemur_ext

I’ll try to provide other video/screenshot during the progression.

The following code (extracted from PageWelcome.java) available in the same github project.
hudPanel = new Container(“glass”);
hudPanel.setLocalTranslation(0, app.getCamera().getHeight(), 0);

    //els.add(Widgets.newLabelBG(screen, "Welcome"));
    hudPanel.setLayout(new MigLayout("", "push[]push", "push[]push"));
    hudPanel.setPreferredSize(new Vector3f(app.getCamera().getWidth(), app.getCamera().getHeight(), 0));
    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
        //Label l = new Label("label_" + i);
        Button l = new Button("label_" + "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".substring(0, i));
        TbtQuadBackgroundComponent bg = TbtQuadBackgroundComponent.create("/com/simsilica/lemur/icons/border.png", 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 0, false);
        hudPanel.addChild(l, "cell 0 0, flowy, growx");


generate :

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Really interesting. I thought to point out that Lemur’s built in layouts can already do this simple example but then I realized MigLayout is capable of a bunch more stuff, too. So it will be interesting to see how far you get.


To set the position + size of children I used the following code :
import net.miginfocom.layout.ComponentWrapper;

class MigComponent implements ComponentWrapper {

public GuiControl element;

public void setBounds(int x, int y, int w, int h) {
element.getNode().setLocalTranslation(x, -y, 0);
element.setSize(new Vector3f((float) w, (float) h, 0.0f));
//System.out.println("pos : " + element.getNode().getLocalTranslation() + “//” + x + “…” + y + “…” + w + “…” + h);


Is it the right way ? I didn’t see how when BoxLayout or BorderLayout define the position of children.

Both of those layouts set the childrens’ size and position in reshape(). Pretty much as you are, I guess.

MigLayout is pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to this.

Today I did some progress (after fighting with y axis). I can display debugInfo :

  • cells’ border
  • components’ border
  • border and center of the container

I have some bugs (width too small sometimes, may be a issue with computation of label/button’s width)

Tomorrow, I’ll try to make severals samples.

Currently I don’t plan to package the MigLayout integration as a standalone lib (my code is public domain CC0).