Migration guide to JME3.1

Hi all,

As you know there is a new release of jME tagged 3.1-beta, which has a lot of “awesomeness” built-in. Also some changes has been maded in the core and the SDK. Users which have use 3.0 may find some minor troubles migrating from 3.0 to 3.1. TLDR; it is what this guide is for.

Core changes.

Vector3f and ColorRGBA: interpolate become interpolateLocal

RenderQueue: get GeometryList
The old way:

RenderQueue rq = viewPort.getQueue();
GeometryList casters = rq.getShadowQueueContent(ShadowMode.Cast);

The new way:

RenderQueue rq = viewPort.getQueue();
for (Spatial scene : viewPort.getScenes()) {
    ShadowUtil.getGeometriesInCamFrustum(scene, viewPort.getCamera(), ShadowMode.Cast, casters);

Presumes you cleared the casters list previously.

You have to remove WardIso and Mineart in old .jm3 LightingMat because those params has remove
Important Notices:

Sdk changes:

Contributor libraries changes:
The Vector3f change will affect a lot of libraries, for example: tonegod gui, forestor. As I @atomix also have a repo of them in github, I did upgrade them to use along with 3.1. You can find those library at


I ported my game with this guide in 20minutes. Thank you

thanks @atomix