Mini Ludum Dare #58

Good evening all.
Tonight I was browsing around the internet and I saw that Ludum Dare has a Mini Compo Mini LD #58 for this week in preparation for the BIG Ludum Dare 32 that is coming up in about 25 days.
So the theme is Ping Pong and I know I am a little bit late but I decided to write a quick game using my 2d physics framework.

So my twist on the age old classic Pong style game will be:

  1. It will be a one touch game.
  2. The player will control the ball and not the paddles.
  3. It must be runable on android.
  4. I am going for the flat UI design and colors.
  5. And the sound will be 8 bit type sounds.

I will post my progress here. And here is my first screenshot:


Okay I made some real good progress with my little entry for this Mini LD.
Here is a sneak peak of what I have done thus far.

And a video


Wow!! that’s a twist !!
You control the ball and not the bar!!!
nice work :wink:

Thanks @nehon . I am almost done releasing it then you should be able to play it later today.

Game published to PC.
You can download the game here.
Any feedback is much appreciated.


And now it is finally available on android.
You can get the game for android here android download.