Minie physics v4.9

Yesterday I released version 4.9.0 of the Minie physics library. It’s a milestone I’ve been looking forward to since October: a Minie library that doesn’t depend on JCenter! So Gradle users can simply do:

repositories {
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.stephengold:Minie:4.9.0'

Version 4.9.0 adds a new type of physics joint: GearJoint, intended for simulating—you guessed it!—gears. Use it to couple the angular rates of 2 rigid bodies. A demo app named “TestGearJoint” illustrates its use. Special thanks to “elmfrain” for supplying the crucial code.

V4.9.0 should solve a crash that used to occur when a non-triangle mesh was passed to CollisionShapeFactory.

It should also solve an IllegalArgumentException crash (reported by @tharg2 ) caused by cumulative round-off errors in ragdoll transforms.

For more information, see the Minie documentation and the release notes.


congratulations! and thanks :grin:


Two updates:

  1. The Minie tutorial on collision management has been rewritten from scratch. I think it now presents a clearer picture of how collision detection works and how the various software mechanisms interrelate: Managing collisions :: The Minie project
  2. I’ve begun planning for a Minie v5 release in early July.