Minie physics v5.0

Today (11 July) I released version 5.0.0 of the Minie physics library. It includes many bug fixes and additional features, but only a few that I expect will have much impact:

  • For Android projects, the “+ano” build, which didn’t include Java classes, is replaced by a “+droid” build that does. This should resolve issue 26.
  • The DebugMeshNormals enum, which is used to configure debug visualization of collision shapes, is replaced by the MeshNormals enum (from the Heart library).
  • At startup, a warning message is logged if the version number of the native library has an unexpected value.
  • DynamicAnimControl better handles character models (such as Puppet) where the root bone is a placeholder and doesn’t directly influence any mesh vertices. Using setMainBoneName(), apps can explicitly specify the “main bone” that corresponds to the torso link.

For more information, refer to the Minie documentation and the release notes. Or post your questions here; as ever, I’m happy to answer questions about Minie.


I will test on android and let you know soon, thanks for this hard work and update !!


There’s an update: version 5.1.0, which fixes various bugs and adds completion events for DynamicAnimControl. Highly recommended!

And I’m already at work on a top-secret version 6…



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