Minie v2.0

Version 2.0 of the Minie Physics Library was released today. It’s available from both GitHub and JCenter.

For details, see the release page at GitHub. For more details, see the release log.

2.0.0 is now the recommended release for all users.


Just updated! Will let you know if I find any issues.

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Excellent! will update today and report if have any issues

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would you consider packaging DAC as a runnable release it almost feels “hidden” in the way you have to access it unless I am missing something

Tell me more about what you have in mind.

It seems to me that it makes sense to present it a bit more “artist” friendly, again unless I am mistaken DAC is discussed upgraded but never actually “released” in the same vein as minie at least I don’t think so, new people who aren’t digging around might completely miss it…and other than the gradle run script I haven’t gotten it to run otherwise… my shortcomings aside though, it could simply stand to be a bit more accessible for something that is considered to be an editing tool.

a runnable jar zipped app

Are you talking about DynamicAnimControl itself, or are you talking about DacWizard, the application for configuring a DynamicAnimControl?

It would be easy to provide a runnable JAR for DacWizard. However, it’s not really designed as a tool for artists.

even so it could stand to be more visible like the minie releases IMHO at least

I’ve uploaded a ZIPped executable for DacWizard to the release page at GitHub. It’s the “” file, at the top of the “Assets” list.

I hope that’s what you’re requesting. If not, please be more specific.

yes that what I mean, something you can just download and use, it is after all in your own words a tool, as I said it wasn’t readily available and if you are not actively following minie you probably would even miss that such a tool existed

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