Minimum requirements

Can someone in the know comment on whether these are the correct minimum requirement still?

Its a short read.

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Should be, at least for 3.1. Perhaps the new pbr pipeline in 3.2 increases them, but it probably doesn’t.

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I completely disagree with the idea of specifying minimum requirements for the engine itself in general, since people tend to think: Oh, it only uses 10MB, as opposed to current games taking 8GB, so it has to be very efficient.

In my opinion, the only correct and useful information is:
A) It requires openGL 2.0 (It’s a research task, but a description like: “This means nearly every GPU built after 2008”, would help here)
B) The required Java/JDK Versions: Those are incredibly wrong. The Engine requires Java 7 iirc (maybe even java 6, but java 7 at least in 3.2), definitely not Java 5. The SDK does not “require” any JDK Version in general (I don’t know if you can mix jdk7 and jdk 6 bytecode, but it might work), furthermore it comes already bundled with a jdk. Version 8u144 currently but it will constantly updated to a recent version (but the user is free to configure his own jdk)
C) The Android Version/What kind of GPU (openGL ES 2.0? support)

Now to the other requirements:
If you allocate a 3 dimensional array of boolean (as in: Block present in grid [x, y, z]), you need much memory. If you do extended CPU calculations for you AI, you need much AI.

Things like 40MB for the SDK are definitely wrong. If you have, like me, 20-30 java files open, you have at least 300MiB of RAM Usage and converting blender models can quickly choke up to 2GB of RAM.
I think no one wants to develop with 1GB of System RAM anyway.

A good suggestion would be a system memory of at least 4GB, with 8-16GB being recommended for smooth development of current games.

So what I wanted to say before digressing: I’d suggest that we overthink the page content as a whole, since it’s mostly about what you do with the engine and so not much prediction could be made

I think the SDK requirements are the same as netbeans, other than the OpenGL version requirement, which is because of the engine.

The minimum requirements of the engine are an x86-based processor, 256MB(?) RAM, maybe 50MB disk space all told for a minimum setup, and an OpenGL 2.0 capable card. And some kind of input. 640x480 resolution. That is the min req’s.

Edit: I have no idea for android. I’ve barely even bothered with that side other than glancing interest.