Minor Proposal for Coding Standard

Hello All,

I would like to propopose an additional coding guideline that will improve the quality of jME.

I would propose that wildcards not be used on imports. ex. import com.jme.X.*;

There are duplication class names in several packages, and it is not readily apparent from looking at the code which class should be brought in.

If you are an eclipse user, the fix is easy, simply select "organize imports" and the imports will be sorted.

I am using java5, and it must be pickier about imports. When I check out code from CVS. there are errors related to Quad, BoundingVolume, and a couple of the LWJGL jme classes. Fixing the problem would have been easier if wildcards were not used.

jME is a great package, I just wanted to make a suggestion to make it easier for people to jump in.

Thanks for considering this,


Is there a way to do this in one fell swoop across a project in Eclipse?

there are some ant plugins with code formatting and import fixing

Right click your source folder -> Source -> Organize imports

Perfectly valid proposal, I try to keep wildcards out of my stuff… probably because I never write import lines, I let Eclipse add them automatically. But, those that did make it in will be cleaned up.

They probably came in from people using other editors with different settings, like me when I was using JBuilder in the past. :confused: Anyhow, good to know.