So hi there, its me.

I wanted to invite all of you to join some talkings about jMonkey in the IRC

as i am still NewBee and this is not anything spoken with mojo or others this is no Official Site Channel, but a try of me to encourage in this field of direct communication.

As i am a Person, who can be found in MIRC very often i want try to help jMonkey in this Fields.

I dont know how profitable this can be, but i think if there are some people who can talk about different related things this ever is honourable, specially for me :slight_smile:

So i am waiting there for you and hope that some of you are able and willing to join and stay a little, for trying out this attempt.

So long,

cu in the forums or in the Mirc

Server is: irc.freenode.net

Channel is #jme

feel free to join  :smiley:

bit odd channel name? - thought it would be #jme or similar ?

please decide on name, and I'll idle in there :slight_smile:

as i respect all issues moving channel name #jme

this shows no prob for me

hope that this now fits :slight_smile:

Mazon was so kind to set up some logger for this channel

At now it will show you the last 6 hours in this channel, with the ability to manage logs


Cool, I'll try to start idling.

hehe the more those idle the more will get start talking

FYI, I'm back to idling on the IRC. So you guys should be able to catch me there most of the time.

Bonus, the monkey can be found! :-p