Mis-patch, jmeBinaryWriter, broken CVS build!


I have just updated CVS, thank you for incorporating my patch, unfortunately it has patched incorrectly, resulting in a broken CVS !

Please check and remove lines (the lines are obvious, they contain

This looks vaguely familiar to me, could be cvs complaining about local changes on your side.

You could try to delete the file locally and do a cvs update or try a clean checkout.




:// Yes thats it !

I have just re-updated after deleting the source file, I normally work on a copy of the CVS, leaving the original CVS alone (which I should have done this time), but I for whatever insane reason I changed the original CVS (slap wrists !).

It’s compiled fine, and the original patch has been incorporated without any problems, sorry to have cause any alarm (I will be more careful next time) !

Thanks Martin.

Hey, nevermind i knew this one because some months ago a very similiar post was on this forum with my name on it :wink:

glad to help

happy to hear it turned out ok :slight_smile: