Missing faces from certain objects(cylinders)

Hello fellow developers,

I’ll try to explain my problem as good as i can.

  1. I’ve created several objects in 3ds max.
  2. Exported these to .obj
  3. added these to my assets folder
  4. added these to the scene

    as you can see in the screenshot below, all cylinders have missing faces, i’ve tried it with parallel projection and toon shader of but the problem persists.

    Anyone know a solution to this problem?

    And a url to one of the bricks

    this is the code i use:


    Material mat = new Material(assetManager, “Common/MatDefs/Light/Lighting.j3md”);

    mat.setBoolean(“m_UseMaterialColors”, true);

    mat.setColor(“Ambient”, ColorRGBA.Gray);

    mat.setColor(“Diffuse”, Tools.hexToColorRGBA("#c0ff3e"));

    mat.setColor(“Specular”, ColorRGBA.White);

    mat.setFloat(“Shininess”, 255);

    Spatial round2x2Brick = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/Bricks/round2x2Brick.obj”);

    round2x2Brick.move(52, 0, 50);





    Kind Regards, Nicky

Ahh, i’ve spotted the problem, in 3ds max when you export to .obj you have to disable the optimatization options.

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