Mixamo and JME3

Hi guys,

First of all, I am not designer and I need a high level tool to model 3d objects. I am building and authoring tool and I need 3d models to populate a repository.

Someone knows how to build (or use) Mixamo Fuse to generate 3d models what are compatibles and importables in Jme3? it is capable of generate dae, fbx files.

Despite of this, I am in trouble importing this models. a human character only have their shoes displayed.

during the importing process, many errors occurs:
Running blender as converter for file D:/Temp/walking_1/walking_1.dae
Writing node id=‘BodyParts’, name=‘BodyParts’
Writing node id=‘ClothMesh_0’, name=‘ClothMesh_0’
Writing node id=‘ClothMesh_1’, name=‘ClothMesh_1’
Writing node id=‘ClothMesh_2’, name=‘ClothMesh_2’
Writing node id=‘ClothMesh_3’, name=‘ClothMesh_3’
Writing node id=‘mixamorig_Hips’, name=‘mixamorig_Hips’
mixamorig_Hips.matrix (binding 0): UNKNOWN animation class
mixamorig_Hips.matrix (binding 0): UNKNOWN animation class
mixamorig_Hips.matrix (binding 0): UNKNOWN animation class
mixamorig_Hips.matrix (binding 0): UNKNOWN animation class
mixamorig_Hips.matrix (binding 0): UNKNOWN animation class
mixamorig_Hips.matrix (binding 0): UNKNOWN animation class

Thanks, Biskiti

Which of the file types are you trying to import? I know for a fact that FBX support is incomplete in Blender, hence it is also incomplete in our import pipeline. .DAE files however should be possible to import just fine through Blender, although the .DAE format is rather, eh, flimsy.

Hi @erlende,

first of all, thanks for reply.

I am trying to import dae files.

as you said, fbx format is incomplete and nothing is imported. I also tryed with an external importer/exporter (Bos FBX Importer/Exporter).
the bvh format does not work (only the animated armature is imported).

Using the tutorial “Using Blender as a Intermediator Between 3dMax and the jMonkeyEngine SDK”, I have imported the model to Jme3.

the dae file was imported into blender and a .blend file was saved. later, imported via jme sdk.

but, when code below is executed, animationControl is set with null (last line).

[java] CapsuleCollisionShape capsule = new CapsuleCollisionShape(3f, 4f);
character = new CharacterControl(capsule, 0.01f);
model = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/human/human.j3o”);
character.setPhysicsLocation(new Vector3f(0, 5, 0));

    <strong>animationControl = model.getControl(AnimControl.class);</strong>[/java]

the code was adapted from TestWalkingChar.java.

What I am doing wrong?

Loading the model into the scene composer, I found the Armature and AnimControl and the animation is played (incorrectly, but played).

Thanks again,

It’s been three or four days since this question came up last time but you might find it if you search for AnimControl. You might find lots of other stuff, too.

My guess is that when you look at the model in the scene composer that the AnimControl is not in the root node of the model… thus if you try to get the AnimControl from the root of the model then it will be null.

A model can technically have many AnimControls scattered among it’s children depending on how it was made. Since you’ve seen it in the scene composer you know which child the one you want is attached to so you will need to get that child first and get the AnimControl from that child.

thanks for your post pspeed,

you are right, I needed to look at childrens.

well, the problem changed, but now I’ll first do a search in the forum.

thanks again.