Mixed 2D/3D with isometric view


Is is possible to achieve effect where my models (player, enemies etc.) are 3D but background (area, where models are moving) is prerendered (one big texture or set of tiles)? And everything uses isometric (orthogonal) view?

From what I read background must be rendered in different pass than models - first area, than models, than GUI, right? Second, I will need something like walkmap which will tell me, where model can move and where can't. Is there any built-in functionality in jme, which will help in such scenario?

– P.

Yes, you can use the pass system to render background, foreground and GUI in seperate stages…


this technique seems to be exactly what I am searching for for my game.

Could you, please, tell me if it exists any example of it with jme anywhere for see it ?

Thank you very much.