Mixing 3D and ortho mode, zOrder problem?


I come back with one question:

Is it possible to mix 3D rendering and ortho mode using the zOrder feature?

I explain. On the following pictures, the heros is moving around 2 cubes. Theoretically, I've setup the cubes so that

they appear above the ortho diamonds. However, sometimes (randomly?) the cubes are displayed under!  :-o :expressionless: :-o

The first screenshot is the *normal* rendering order.

I think of the order the different buckets type (QUEUE_OPAQUE, QUEUE_TRANSPARENT, QUEUE_ORTHO) are used to draw the objects (see RenderQueue#renderBuckets). It seems there is no relation between the zOrder of objects in different buckets type.

Would it theoretically be possible to do that? :?


No, but you can use the Pass system to render the ortho stuff first in one pass and then the regular items in another pass.