Mobile Demos


I am Dinal Kurukulasooriya from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (UTC+05:30).

I will be developing some mobile demos to show the capabilities of jME to motivate wannabes. Other than these Demos, there will also be some prefabs which game developers can easily use in their games. This will help rapid developing and save significant amount of time and effort. I will only be able to make few prefabs but in future we can evolve this into a large prefab store with the help of the contributors around the world.

Sketch of a demo:

Planned Demos:

1) Tap and Score– Tap triggered game with score board. This will show the core aspects of games such as Shaders,Sky Loading and Particles.
2) Multi touch – Use the capability of multi touch on devices. This will also show the mapping and motion paths.
3) Accelerometer – Uses accelerometer on the mobile device to get the input. This will show the texturing and shading.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed
Thank you.