Moddable Multiplayer FPS — ETA Early December 2011, (no later)

Current Status:

Have a complete ant script, working lua, entity/network system done, server selection done, updater done, master server done.

* anyone can host a server, will be listed on a master server
* open world, you are not trapped in a small invisible box (at least by default)
* lots of features, vehicles/aircraft
* the base mod will be feature rich, i won't limit features because of game play issues, i don't want mods reinventing the wheel over and over.
* out of bounds parts of the map will be auto generated.
* start game with typical updater that then launches the game.
* Auto download mods when you connect to the server
* Mods coded in pure LUA
* Light weight server, won't bother replicating simulation server-side(though entity key/values will be replicated and accessible via lua), but there will be a certain level of verification.
* i may have a little fun with portals that vehicles with multiple players can transverse servers in, depends on the mod. There will of course be a server browser which will be the norm for server transverse, so the portals will be for fun.
Cost: Free, i may give donors some insignificant extra feature, maybe ads on web pages, only if the project becomes very successful.
(I might keep all the java development to my self, while the lua mods will of course be open to the whole world to edit, eventually all of the interesting development will be done in lua)
License: closed source engine(but open LUA), monarchy ownership, if i give up on it i may open source it: BSD/Public-Domain. the lua code will of course be open but i'll prohibit "forking" the lua to a different engine.
hmm, don't know what my decision on this will be, may change: Java Developers?: to start with i'm going to solo the initial structure(i want something significant to show instead of being all talk), in a few months(?) i'll let anyone with a verifiable community dev presence in, commits or 100 posts or something, or i may not be so strict. Volunteers, this won't be commercial development. Inactive devs will keep their status and be welcomed back as if they never left. Artists + Lua Developers will always be welcome.
*JME3 (still going to try to support old hardware)
*Lua Mods (DONE)
*I'm going to be strict when it comes to security, only allowing what is needed, instead of allowing any java call.
*From a security point of view lua will be like javascript, my program like a web browser, and a server like a webpage.
*voice chat
After first complete stable:
Focus on meeting needs of lua mod devs, new features.
i may venture into pseudo 2D multiplayer side scrolls, and multiplayer RPGs. Once again with the moddable/lua + multiplayer angle.
RTS simulation that can interact with the FPS entity system.

Over the past few months i’ve completed a software updater system, a master server that maintains a server list, a debuging gui, a lua event system, resolved my proguard problems.

Most of the above list takes care of my non-JME problems: the path of logic that takes the end user from my web site to joining a game server.

I’m going with java web start.

I’ve cleaned up my networking code and entity system, i’m sticking with the custom networking because i like to micromanage this stuff. I’ve been sceptical of common game networking techniques.

Now my number one priority is a minecraft-like mod since that seems to be all the rage(and its easy to do), through that i’ll show off my LUA modding capabilities. Years ago i had actually been thinking of something EntMod-like which is sort of like Garrysmod, EntMod had existed long before Garrysmod, and you could see the most extensive use of entmod in the svencoop mod server pool.

I’ve probably spent too much time paying attention to details, now i’m going to rush for something playable and put it out there. And then i’ll refine it. Though i am a little hesitant about when i’ll do the initial release since i don’t want it to be for ever judged by the first thing i put out.

Most of my web site is complete.

GL on this! I just wanted to inform you that jbullet-jme is already working very well, so you might want to try it for your game. (see my signature)



ty for the info, i just looked through the examples in the wiki, looks good, thank you :slight_smile:

Posts said:

[exe wrapper] bundled with [win32 java runtime], single platform to start with(?), i guess WINE works.

Rather use IzPack in my humble opinion. It is a cross-platform installer providing native integration (shortcuts, etc...) and it can be bundled as a .exe file. Don't rely on Wine please.

i’m switching from JME2 to JME3, for old hardware i plan on providing at least a little support. I am happy to see that there are many more jme3 examples now.

i’m working with physics from the start instead of putting it off to later.

added a crazy idea for the distant future: i might consider a RTS simulation that can interact with the FPS entity system, though it could get very hacky as i try to maintain sync.

i plan on giving IzPack a try.

i got distracted with google app engine, servlets, and flash dev, big waste of time, i plan on continuing full steam on this game.

i’ve updated the first post with how i am dealing with networking:

Uhm, are you aware that @Levia 's SpiderMonkey was added to the jME3 core as the default networking library? You should definitely check it out, might save you a ton of work :slight_smile:

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Glad to see you back in action Posts.

Posts said:
(...) Now my number one priority is a minecraft-like mod since that seems to be all the rage(and its easy to do) (...)

What makes you think it's that easy to do? It seems a lot of people have gone with this assumption and come to the harsh realization that Minecraft is a lot more than creating boxes and putting them together. Especially the performance aspect can be a mind bend. We've started to see some promising attempts though, one being Mythruna. You'll definitely want to have a look at that.

Posts said:
(...) Iam a little hesitant about when i'll do the initial release since i don't want it to be for ever judged by the first thing i put out.

It won't, plain and simple. This community consists predominantly of developers, and we all know that "life is in alpha" ;) You won't belittle your project by showing it off at its earlier stages, you'll only improve your chances at attracting a larger following of playtesters and insightful developers.
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I’ve sort of completed the minecraft like stuff, it needs to be refined, maybe someone else will do that by modifying my LUA code once i release. Still need to see if my network code chokes or not with 30 or so people.

I’m going to release it by early December, no matter what. Maybe December 5th 2011. By then it’ll look like a very simple proof of concept, but you’ll be able to modifiy the LUA and host a server.

An unfortunate dip in my motivation has slowed me down by a few months, i’m getting back on track now. Going to do the very minimum for a release, hoping that having other people to talk with once it’s released with motivate me to make this a playable product. Going to focus on the important Java code, and setup the Lua code as a proof of concept that i can complete later.

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glad to see this commitment, almost 2 years, congrats