Model format

Is there a place I can find the jME XML format completely defined? Once I am more familiar with jME, I would like to write an export script for Blender. So either the binary or XML format would be useful.


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I asked the same question a few weeks ago. The answer I got was, implied, "no". I was told it was not writen down because it was not completely finalized yet, so any exporter would probably have to be kept rapidly up to date with any small changes made to the file format.

My goal was to write an exporter for AC3D. In the end, I was able to write a converter to convert AC files to JME.

I used to have it defined in a really neat looking UML graphic drawing with a schema definition and everything. That was when I started. I havn’t kept up with it though. The format isn’t that complex and it’s in XML so it should be somewhat intuitive. Just print out some models in XML format to see what the XML should look like. If you happen to have any questions, just message me on the boards or post.

to support blender would be great. In fact, I think the mor eintegration, the better. Maybe it’d be better a python script that ported most stuf direct to jME engine.

Today I realized Blender 2.36 RC2, (not yet oficial) have normal maps!!