Model formats

Well my problem is i can't really get any of the importers to work excpet the obj one. However for some of my models I need several texture layers wich obj seems not to be capable of.

ASE -> works only for one box(out of 300 in the file) with texture, and strange scaling on some sides

X3d -> unable to find a exporter for 3dmax

Ogre-Xml -> the official exporter for 3dmax only supports one texture layer if i dont want to pay money

Milk ->havent tested yes, is it worth trying?

Md3 -> the vertex based animation kinda scares me of

Md2 -> same as Md3 but even more limited

3ds -> sometimes strange issues

Collada -> files I try to load throw a NullPointer in the processphong part (every with materials i tested, even testmodels from their site)

Obj works fine but is kinda limited only one texture layer as far as i can see, no animations

So my question is what are you guys using (format and tools) and seems to work for you?

I need simple boneanimations -> must be sufficient to make a human acceptable walking running fighting

I need support for 5 texture layers (basemap,normalmap,spectacularmap,lightmap,detailtexture)

How about HottBJ/-jme.xml?  It is a Blender model pipeline to jME and it works very well.  It will certainly fit your model/animation needs but I'm unsure if the 5 texture layers you require is supported.

See for more details.

Even if OgreMax supported more texture layers they wouldn't be used anyway, none of the other importers or exporters will allow you to have this feature built-in. This limitation is one of the easiest to work around however. Just have a naming convention and you're all set. For example, you can go through the scene graph, and find models with texture names that end in "_diffuse", you then modify the renderstate so it uses a shader and loads textures in the same directory but with different suffixes.

HottBJ supports multiple textures. Just add them to the material in blender and that's it.

For example you can add a base texture. Andd add a second one that have also an alpha-channel.

You just have to change the Apply-Mode in blender from Mix to Multiply and add AlphaChannel to the model

after loading…and you will see both combined…curently I'm in a game-compo so I have no time to show it.

EDIT: Well,…ok with the combination there might be some tweaking…but loading is no problem :smiley:

Empire Phoenix said:

I need support for 5 texture layers (basemap,normalmap,spectacularmap,lightmap,detailtexture)

For the benefit of others who want to use multiple mappings:  HottBJ does support many UV mappings for a single item, using Blender's texture channels, which are there for this purpose.  In the Mesh button panel, you use the "New" UV Texture button and name each one distinctively.  Then in the Materials button panel you use the "UV:" text field in the Map Input tab for each texture channel.

Unfortunately, this won't work for Empire Phoenix, because HottBJ only supports UV mapping to color, so far.  Transparency overlays do work in a way compatible with Blender (i.e. the effects equal what you see in Blender's Renderer), but I won't explain how to do that here.

In order to achieve what the OP is trying to do, usage of shaders is needed. Since the way shaders are used depends on the application, no jME importer will give you this functionality out of the box.