Model import gottcha

for a while I would have an intermittent issue with importing that near had me tearing my hair out!

I thought I’d recount my experience here just to save others the grief…

first of all I’m not sure if this is platform specific I’m using Linux so other platforms may or might not exhibit this behavior

If you import a .blend file from outside your projects folder everything works just fine as you’d expect.

however if you have your .blend files in say a folder called resources at the same level as assets, src etc then the importer will fail without any clue as to why not even an exception… how many times I fiddled with my .blend without avail (without feedback how was I to know the .blend was ok?!)

the importer will kind of work if you put a folder inside the assets folder, but then it will likely have a path you don’t want, any attempt to change the path on the last stage, will also cause a failure, but half way through leaving and extra .blend file and no .j3o

So to reiterate its probably best to have all your .blend files elsewhere…

Well strictly speaking the blen files are either assets (if you use them ingame directly) or they are external ressources, if you import/j3o them prior runtime in any way. However I assume it has something to do with how the assetslocators are configured, and I suspect this is not intended behaviour. (Just probably untested use case)

The only real way I wanted to do it that way was so that I could have .blend files included with the project files but NOT with the distribution files in assets when a “binary” distribution is made

Keep it all in the assets folder. Just put your .blend where you want your .j3o to be and the textures where you want your textures to be, then double-click the .blend to make a j3o file. The .blend will be excluded when you deploy your application. (This is mentioned in the manual btw)