Model Question

If I were to create a model in lets say 3d Studio Max, would I have to create a seperate "model" animation for every action? (throw, kick, punch, dance, etc…)

Or do you create a base model and have an actions library?


I think the way it’s done is just make the animation for kick, punch, etc at different times. Then depending on the type of model you export, use the appropriate Controller object to set the time. jME’s loader will automatically create this controller for you, you just have to get it and manipulate it. Download jME’s source if you haven’t and take a look at: jmetest.renderer.loader.*

aahhh so like punch will be at second 4 to second 7 and kick would be at second 8 to second 12, and so on and so forth.

Is that what you were saying?

yup :slight_smile: