Model really dark in loader and TangentBinormalGenerator ain't helping in game

Like I said in the title, am having some problems whit a model. It looks really dark and the texture ain’t really visible. When I do a TangentBinormalGenerator. generate (forme); in the game, it takes a while, gimme a thousand errors and then look better but not nearly as good as it should. The model is supposed to be kind professional and it was made in blender, and run perfectly in blender/game section. Plus when i decide to manualy aply the texture after impor it don’t get at the right place, and it give some wierd results. Here are some picture:

In game

In blender

Do you use the blender or ogre exporter?

The file is a blend file, but it also don’t work if i export it as a ogre file.

It does work better whit ogre tho, but the model fell like a mirror and is on the side

looks like the texture has to be flipped

And how do I do that? I can’t seem to find the option in the loader.

There should be a checkbox in the material editor

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Yep, sorry, I was looking at the assets importer. It seem to be working fine, thanks. But now I have a feeling the model is missing something in term of the texture tho, and TangentBinormalGenerator aint changing anything and juste take a while.

This looks like missing normal map or specularity. But just a guess in the wild

Well so far your guess are good xD But ya, the texture does have both a normal and specularity, but they are added in the material, they just don’t seem to do anything

Flipped that one as well? :wink:

Missing normals, are usually a sign missing tangents, or wrong normal maps… Usually it seems to work, at least there are very few new topics regarding “normal map not working”