I propose to define moderators for the boards. Primarily to give a hint who could be asked directly in case of no responses.

From the post stats and from my experience with some of the community members I propose these moderators:

jME - Announcements


jME - Help

Troubleshooting Core-Dump (agreed)
General    llama (dev), hevee (agreed), mcbeth (agreed)
Graphics    MrCoder (dev)
Physics    irrisor (dev)
AI       darkfrog (dev)
Sound       Mindgamer (agreed)
GUI       Trussell (agreed), gerbildrop (standtrooper, agreed)
Effects    MrCoder (dev)
Networking    darkfrog (dev)


Features    renanse
Site       mojomonkey


Documentation    ???
Dev General    llama (dev)
Dev Corner    -
Ar. Disc.    -
Tasks       irrisor (dev)


Tools       Outrunner (agreed)
User Showcase    duenez (agreed)
User Code    Momoko_Fan (agreed)
Offtopic    darkfrog (dev)


I suggest we also either have backups in case one of us is not around and/or give all developers access to moderate any board.  I think it's a good idea to have a main person to talk to about a topic, but at the same time when we get spam or a post gets out of control any one of us should have the ability to manage it.

Looks good to me.

If we have more admin rights now, that means we can make some decent "sticky" post, move posts to the right boards, and close crossposts…

I'll try and update the FAQ more too… (I guess it should be reorganized a bit)

I don't think I could manage the "General" board on my own though.

llama said:

I don't think I could manage the "General" board on my own though.

true, way too much posts. I've added hevee and mcbeth as proposals.

I'll try to contact all the non-devs in the next days to ask if they like/can do the moderation.

note to myself: Mindgamer could be another candidate

Momoko_Fan, Core-Dump and mcbeth are in. Sfera has declined, because he thinks he visits the boards too infrequently. He has nominated gerbildrop as moderator for the GUI board. gerbildrop did not post that often (173) but seems to take care of GBUI, so this might be a good choice.

gerbildrop might be a good alternate, but I wouldn't depend on him as a primary for moderation…he's not the most reliable guy in the world. :o

ok. What about Trussel then? He's new but quite active, reads the GUI board a lot and replies to newbie posts when he can help.

Any other nominations? (only one board left!)

I've modified the first posts to have Mark as moderator for "Site" and Joshua as Moderator for "Features". We wouldn't need moderators there, I guess, and both are admins either way, but it looks better to have some name everywhere.

Trussel sounds fine to me.

sounds good. since i'm on my way back to sweden i will have my ass full with other things for a month or two, but i should be able to look pretty often anyway.

Rikard, if you're interested in coming to Oklahoma I could put you to work here. :wink:

All remaining mods have agreed. :slight_smile:

I'll create a moderators board and set all moderators asap.

uh, missing moderator for "documentation" - what about Landei?

I second the notion. :wink:

:)  More participation is always good.  And rewarding the more active forum participants with a responsibility is nice.

Is there any way to patch or set SMF to include which board a post is made on in the email notifications?

Well, there's this text in the message:

Unsubscribe to new topics from this board by clicking here:;board=3.0

the number between the last = ist the board index - is that enough for you? (Getting the board name in there would require patching Post.php from smf core and EmailTemplates.english.php in the default template)

Well, that would work for new topics… I suppose I could get used to that. It would still mean "tracking" all the topics by their title for the replies… I guess I can manage to figure out -despite the crazy volume of traffic there- what is for "General" though (even if General and Troubleshooting kind of overlap)…

I intend to start some good FAQ/Wiki pages for the most recurring topics anyway, so I'll just see it as an incentive :slight_smile: