Modified Terrain Shader w/ Array Support

Well, I can’t really be bothered submitting this in any way, so I’m just posting it as a download here:
This is an edited version of the TerrainLighting shader.
I think I mostly removed (but definitely destroyed) tri-planar mapping functionality.
Instead of NormalMap, NormalMap_0 etc, You use an array texture named “NormalMaps”.
Instead of AlphaMap_1, etc, you use an array named “AlphaMaps”
DiffuseMap_1, DiffuseMap_2 -> “DiffuseMaps”
DiffuseMap_1_scale -> “DiffuseMap_scale”

And that’s pretty much it. This is just for those people who don’t intend to support older devices. This requires (I think) OpenGL 3.2 or so.