Monkey Blood project

Hi all, since a couple of years ago, to learn about game programming, I started working in a “port” of the first level of the first episode of one of my favorite fps (Monolith’s Blood).

There is still a lot of things to improve but … here is what I’ve got so far … hope someone enjoy it.

There’s a screen cast at

Or you can download it from

See README.txt file for instructions.



It seems to be simple at first but I can see you have done a lot behind the scenes…Congratz!!

Great work. Nice to see iconic old games getting a breath of fresh air.

Thanks !!!

Thanks, I appreciate that !!!

Very nice!

One question, did you modeled the level yourself or is there a tool to convert build maps to a newer format?
It looks very well done.

Thanks, xuan!!!

In regard to the build maps conversion subject, I’ve been searching for such a tool but could not find it.

There exists a conversor to STL (see MAP2STL.ZIP at Ken Silverman's Build Engine Source Code Page) but I think it is not what you are looking for, isn’t it ?

To make the map in my particular case, I generated an initial XML file from the orginal map using (a modified version of) blud2b.c, this give me a base XML.

Then I developed a java utility to transform the XML to OBJ.

And then tune up manually the XML (I spent 90% of the time here …).


Thanks for the info. I wasn’t planning on using any conversion tool really.
I was just interested in the process you used for creating the level.

I looks your are into something promising with that tool you made :sunglasses:

I would like to develop such a tool but I’m not sure I can do it.

The main problem is the lack of documentation about the blood map format (the automatically generated map has very little in common with the manually tuned map you see in the demo).

Anyway I will give it another try in the future (hope that with better luck than the first time).