Monkey v1.6.0 library to save game data

Hello everyone!.

I’ve been creating some personal games with the jMonkeyEngine3 engine, and I’ve noticed that to store our game data there is no object or class that we can use as a data container. While we can use the ‘Savable’ interface to generate our own saveable objects. But I think it would be easier to have an object available for this task (save the data).

That is why I have decided to create a library that complies with being a data container and that can be exported with ‘JmeExporter’ and imported with ‘JmeImporter’ without any problem, the library is based on the JSON-Java API

With this we can save the data of our games and that the user cannot read it with a simple text editor.

You can download it at the following URL: Tags · SwiftWolf/monkey · GitHub

Try it out and let me know if there are any difficulties using it. And if you like it please share it with the community so that it grows :+1:.


too noob to know what you’re talking about but welcome to the forest :monkey: :evergreen_tree: :banana: