MonkeyBrains and JME 3.1

There is one release on the GitHub. Is it for JME 3.0 or JME 3.1? Or does it matter? And how about JME 3.1 version then?

Or is is supposed to be forked to own projects? Many questions, sorry :slight_smile:

The github repo has both the stable (3,0) branch and the master (3.1) branch.

So, fork/clone? And compile by yourself?

The link for JME 3.1 alpha is like this :

Thanks, but different project: GitHub - QuietOne/MonkeyBrains: Agent framework for jMonkey Engine

My friend before i didn’t know there is some thing in the name of monkey brain. thanks you to put it in your post. but what i found is that JME uses the monkey brain library to simulate Artificial Intelligence. So monkey brain on it’s own is not a separate engine. it has library that imported to jme. For example of using MonkeyBrain in JME please look at this video:

MonkeyBrains is based on 3.0. It has not been tested with 3.1 as far as I know.