MonkeyBrains release 1.0

First MonkeyBrains stable release, will be released soon, and full documentation will be probably finished by the end of year.

There were questions how to use MonkeyBrains in turn-based game (TBG), as there aren’t any behaviours for TBG. If there is anybody with finished TBG, willing to share, I will be grateful, as I can make MonkeyBrains more easier to use for making TBG. :slight_smile:


So cool! Do you have a full feature description somewhere? Also links to all somewhat recent videos and demo apps would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have description of features yet, but I can tell you what are the main features for now:

  • making modular agents (NPC) and behaviours for them (support for agent-based programming)
  • support for event-based programming
  • support for entity-based programming
  • implementation of some basic behaviours
  • jMESteer included
  • included agents’ weapon handling
  • included flexible HP system
  • included flexible Inventory system

Demo games are located at GitHub - QuietOne/MonkeyBrainsDemoGames: Demo games made using MonkeyBrains (JMEAI) . I don’t recommend yet playing the games, as some bugs aren’t fixed.

Nice, thanks. You’ve mentioned one game genre, turn-based, for which MonkeyBrains is not yet well suited.

On the other hand, which genres would you say MonkeyBrains is particularly well suited for at this stage?

It is best suited for real time games except for maybe real time strategies. RTS wasn’t tested. If someone has the finished RTS game for sharing, I would like to see the implementation to see how good is MonkeyBrains for those games.

And let’s not forget that there’s at least one game in development that already uses it… 8)

Can’t wait for the next commit on github! :smiley:

My name is Monkeybrainz, and I approve of this project. (I am in no way affiliated with it, I should mention!)

It sounds interesting. Do you just inherit from a base class or how is set up?

I’ve made first release at github. You can download it at: Release MonkeyBrains · QuietOne/MonkeyBrains · GitHub
As for how to use framework see demo games for now, I will make wiki on github how to use it and how to access all features.

As for questions or report on bugs, or idea for next improvement, tag me. :slight_smile:

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