ok i started the other day and i got bored of creating maps so i thought id give mw3d a try…


i downloaded v2.0 to start with and that was ridiculously slow and the whole thing made no sense whatsoever…

then i discovered v4 on sourceforge so i downloaded that and installed it.

now i have no idea what is going on, how do you create a map, am i completely stupid or is there no way to do it?

(by the way i dont use eclipse which might be why)

please someone help me, get me started :slight_smile:


The current version that we are fully working on is V4, and we will try to bring the previous functionality from v2, v3 to it, but its going to take us some while.

If you want to take a look at what we are currently planing, please see the docs under the planning section in the SVN repos.

Download the roadmap08.odt.

Their is also a user manual that is constantly updated under the documentation section, I will help a lot to get start with the editor.