Monklypse frame rate


I downloaded the monklypse plugin and corresponding version of JME and I've been playing around with it for the past couple of weeks.  So far I'm really liking the JME API better than other Java graphics engines I've tried. 

The only problem I seem to be having with it is that I can't get the frame rate above around 30 fps (even just using the vanilla demo code that comes with monklypse).  I've tried calling setTargetRate(60) and I still get 30 fps.  Interestingly, calling setTargetRate(40) gives me about 20 fps.  Setting it to anything above 60 doesn't improve it much further.

Has anybody else had this problem?  Is JME known to be any slower when hosted in an Eclipse application as opposed to a normal Java app?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, since I'd really like to continue using JME for a large project I'll soon be working on.

What OS are you using? So far i only know of some Vista issues with framerates.

XP Pro. 

I'm finding when I launch multiple canvases, each with their own renderer/implementor/scenegraph, I can get the 30fps for both rendering contexts running side-by-side.  It seems like there's some artificial limiter I'm just not aware of.  I've also tried explicitly shutting off vsync using the DisplaySystem class and it doesn't help (though I wouldn't really expect it to anyway in this case).

set the target rate to -1 and try again, if you want to vsync you can do that with the vsynch option  :wink:

target rate of -1 will render the maximal number of frames it can do per second.