Monospace font problems

Hey guys,

I got this free monospace font:

… but when I try to import it with jMonkeyEngine, the spacing is lost… it seems to try and trim the letters as closely as possible. Is there a way to retain monospace fonts?

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“Do as I say, not as I do” - is essentially what your post is.

The font that you generated is telling the engine to pack the characters as tightly as possible, and the engine obliges. You need to generate a font with a fixed distance between the characters, the way to do that depends on the tool used to generate the font.

I’m using the built-in jMonkeyEngine SDK font builder (are there other tools I should be using?) & I don’t know how to tell it to generate a font with fixed distances. I see padding options, but it seems to add the same amount of padding to each letter after the letter packing.

You could try AngelCode Bitmap Font Generator, tho I think that one of those padding stuff probably means that its resized.

The built in font tool does not have a way to generate fixed space fonts - it uses the font information in the character set.

However if the font is fixed space then I’m surprised the font tool doesn’t use that.

You should be able to modify the font tool easily enough to add this.

Note also that for a one-off situation, it may be easier to just edit the .fnt file directly (it’s just text). You can then setup the advance or offset or whatever exactly how you want. My brain is a little rusty, but I think if you just set the advance values to all the same then you essentially get a fixed space font.

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