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    I am doing my final year project in my undergrad in comp science. I have been trying to develop a mini-3DS Studio Max, such that a tennis coach can make animations and transfer them with ease to his students over the net. So far what has been done is :

Model loaded in ms3d format.

Pre-defined animation from milkshape running, and user is able to see which body part was at which position in the animation.

Loaded a tennis court as terrain.

Built over jmeswingtest, so 3D and swing are combined.

Have included mouse zoom in, rotate and player traversing on the terrain with the help of ContolImplementor.

The deadline is just a month away, and I have not been able to build what I had promised.

But is there something that I can add to this in short time to make it look better, as in 2 show that its a big application.

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Well I know very little about tennis, but from your description you did not seem to have the following functionality which could robably be implemented within allotted time:

Add buttons to the screen, each linked to a specific type of hit. The only real thing you need to do is just animate your character in milkshape further. then just display the specific parts of the animation on the press of specific buttons.

You can also make the model really sexy and wear just bikinis. If your instructor is a man, you might confuse him enough to let you pass.

Thank you, the animation of shots is good idea. But I don't have the full version of Milkshape.

Also, the character I am using doesn't even look like a tennis player.

There are many available on the net for around 20$, but I am not sure if they would be successfuly imported in JME.

Any suggestions…?

Whether or not you finish your proposed specification just make sure you design for it 1) research it for presentation so that you can tell your inspector why you could not implement the functionality and how much time would it take you to implement it completely 2) Design for it in the report saying how you would have implemented it, what it would have added to your project and how much time it would take to implement that feature.

Instead of being able to "make" animations how about providing some pre-modelled animations e.g. forehand, backhand, serve(far corner), serve(near corner), etc. On pressing a button for each such animations could be shown. Again it is along the lines of what Mindgamer is saying but this would be an extremely useful feature.