Motorolla defy JME3 project

I think it might be failing because your Android version isn’t exactly “2.2” which is what its checking.

In that screenshot I see “2.2.2” so I am guessing maybe that’s the version. In that case, it makes sense that it would fail.

I committed a fix that has a better check for android version, so if you can please try now

I still got the problem, when i start a new projet and try to compile it on android device it compiles only the pc version.


ok i managed to compile it, but still no luck with android

There was another fix committed that should go into the nightly build in a few hours.

@drabiu: When you update your SDK to nightly via Tools->Plugins->Settings and build your application again you should get a version which fixes this issue.

It seems to work now, thx guys for your help.