Mouse camera control

Hi, I wonder how to switch to mouse flycam control (like in JME tutorials) when using lemur.input.*?

The JME tutorials use a special FlyByCamera controlled by an app state but really there is no reason to do that… it could have just been an app state from the beginning and would have made more sense. (hindsight is 20/20)

Anyway, there is a Lemur Gem on this very topic. Hopefully it answers your questions:

Precisely what I needed, thanks a lot!

btw: I ported my previous code onto ES and now while adding features, start to feel the power of the approach. It looks now kinda list processing but funny :slight_smile: The main thing to always remember is: “There’s no setters, there’s no setters, you have to recreate everything!”

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Heheh… glad it’s working for you. But yeah, it’s in the “adding new stuff” that the most power is felt. I hardly remember what it was like to think “Ok, where do I put this new thing?” because in an ES it’s pretty much always obvious.