Mouse click causes cursor to jump

Hi Guys
Im sure i must be doing something stupid but i can’t figure out what.

so i wanted to use a free mouse cursor in order to pick objects freely on screen

chaseCamera = new ChaseCamera(cam, player, inputManager);
so i want the camera to follow the avatar. and i can use the mouse to pick things on screen
However when i click anywhere on screen the cursor will flip along the x axis
why doest this happen?
how do i stop it?

I get the same behaviour when i do

in the hello picking tutorial

If you don’t want to use fly cam then just remove it. I don’t know if it will fix your problem but it might.

Search the forum for “remove flycam” or “remove FlyCamAppState”

@dharshanar I’m having this same issue now also… the mouse cursor position flipping when you click. Did you ever find anyway around it? Are you on a Mac? I am.

Hey Yep i found the issue, yep I’m on mac (i don’t think its OS dependant), Its pretty simple
If you follow the examples in the tutorial
you end up calling

public SimpleApplication() {
this( new StatsAppState(), new FlyCamAppState(), new DebugKeysAppState() );

And the flipping behaviour you get by default. So you can call
chaseCamera.setInvertVerticalAxis(boolean invertYaxis)
Or what i ended up doing was calling

[java]public LostVictory() {
super( new StatsAppState(), new DebugKeysAppState() );

end setting up my own cam app state with my own controls. Hope that helps!